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What wines are in the cases?

The Club cases will contain a mix of red and white wine, how many of each depends on your preference. The cases may also contain rosé, sparkling wine and very occasionally fortified wines.

We love every wine we list but understand that everyone has different tastes. We will adapt the case depending on what you like and more importantly what you don't like. 

There will be seasonal classics in these cases as well as a selection of exciting wines from new popular; wine regions, countries and grape varieties.

The Case Options

When you think what you spend on 1 bottle of wine in a restaurant it makes sense to drink better quality

wine at home for less!

6 Monthly Everyday Wines - £65 a month

2x Tailored to your taste

2x Seasonal classics

2x Exciting trend discovery wines

6 Monthly Premium Wines - £90 a month

3x Tailored to your taste

3x Exciting trend discovery wines and seasonal classics

12 Monthly or Quarterly Everyday Wines - £130 a month or quarter

4x Tailored to your taste

4x Seasonal classics

4x Exciting trend discovery wines

12 Monthly or Quarterly Premium Wines - £180 a month or quarter

6x Tailored to your taste

6x Exciting trend discovery wines and seasonal classics

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