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Our Top 6 Rosé's for the Summer of 2020

With the sun set to keep shining and the summer only just beginning, we want to guide you through our favourite rosé wines to drink this summer. There's not much better than sitting out in the sun with a chilled glass of the pink stuff.

Rosé is still often a love/hate relationship, but we believe that it's due to people just not trying enough well produced Rosé. Here are our Top 6 that we are convinced will change your opinion, should it need changing!

Cotes de Provence Rosé Léoube, Chateau Léoube, FRANCE

£18.00 Inc VAT

One of the finest rosé wines around. This organic and very sustainable vineyard located in a coastal bay in Provence produces some of the most delicious rosé we have ever tasted. The wine has such an indulgent mouthfeel which captivates the senses quickly. Strawberries and a hint of pineapple lead the way, followed by some beautiful minerality which is in great harmony to make this one of the finest rosé wines ever made,

Douro Rosé, Quinta do Crasto, PORTUGAL

£11.00 Inc VAT

Touriga National blended with Tinta Roriz. These are definitely not common varietals to make rosé. However this limited produced wine is beautifully textured with wild fresh berry fruits, an elegant floral nose and brilliant captivating acidity, which invites you back for more and more.

Cotes de Provence Rosé, Domaine de l'Amour, La Vidaubanaise, FRANCE

£12.00 Inc VAT

This is certainly one the best value wines that we have tasted from Provence. Very typical style. This well made wine from a cooperative is from a single estate. A fine crisp, dry, elegant wine that is perfect for a summer afternoon.

La Fincas Rosado, Chivite Family Estates, SPAIN

£15.00 Inc VAT

Wow, we love this! This wine is a joint venture from the Chivite estate and the acclaimed 3 Michelin Star Chef Juan Mari Arzak. Their goal is to make the best rosé in the world. They've certainly made the best in Spain in our opinion.

Rosé Sicilia DOC, Planeta, ITALY

£12.00 Inc VAT

The wine that brings Sicily straight in to your home. The very delicate shade of pink is often regarded as a little too white for rosé , but the flavour is packed with all the notes you expect from a warm climate rosé. Herbaceous, slightly floral and wonderful ripe berries are packed into this perfect slurping wine!

Cotes de Provence Rosé, Chateau Sainte Marguerite Cru Classé, FRANCE

£16.50 Inc VAT

Another top Provencal rosé to finish this list. An amazing vineyard with Cru Classé status. Situated on the La Londe Les Maures, this Palm tree lined Vineyard is nothing but spectacular. The wine is a perfect aperitif, but could also accompany many types of seafood.


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