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Our Top 6 BBQ Wines

Updated: May 2, 2020

Regardless of the weather, nothing stops us enjoying a BBQ: delicious food, an excuse to drink all day and no washing up, what's not to like?!

To find the perfect BBQ wine you need to think about the food you're eating as well as the flavours. Whilst the BBQ is heating up a decent sparkling is a necessity. For the food itself: rich meat dishes should to be paired with full-bodied spicy reds, whereas white meats will need lighter red wines and fish and seafood are great with white wines that stand up and complement the flavours.

P'Rosé, Rivarose Sparkling Rosé, FRANCE

£13.20 Inc VAT

A wonderful Sparkling Rosé from Provence, the first sip will transport you to the South of France. The second sip takes you straight to the third! This is our top selling sparkling wine, and for a good reason.

Les Mougeottes Chardonnay IGP, FRANCE

£10.00 Inc VAT

Is this a white burgundy? No, but it certainly could be. This wine is one that will impress your wine buff mates and they wont believe the price!

Are You Game? Pinot Noir, Fowles Wines, AUSTRALIA

£13.50 Inc VAT

These winemakers from Australia are all about meat... nuff said? A beautiful Pinot with guts.

La Mascota Malbec, ARGENTINA

£11.50 Inc VAT

If steak is on your BBQ this is the wine for you... a classic pairing.

Cycles Gladiator Zinfandel, USA

£14.00 Inc VAT

Fruity, Spicy, Bold and all round delicious... great with all red meats, especially Lamb.

Negroamaro Primitivo IGT Salento, Baccanerra, ITALY

£11.00 Inc VAT

Another Zinfandel? Yes! Primitivo is Italy's Zinfandel! We believe this grape variety is the best match with the BBQ!

What's your favourite wine for a BBQ?

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